• Yamaha Xmax 300

  • Auto Transmission
  • 2 people capacity
  • Driver’s Licence: A1
  • Petrol98
  • Top Case
  • Minimum Rental Period: 2 days
30.00 /for 1 day(s)

The XMAX 300 gives you the style, status and premium quality of a maxi scooter, with the convenience and affordability of a lightweight.

Equipped with motorcycle style forks for increased stability, the compact chassis gives you agile sports handling with business class comfort. And its powerful and economical new Blue Core engine has all the performance you need for fast commuting or weekend escapes.

Featured Specifications

✔ 292 CC (Engine Displacement)
✔ 28 HP (Horses Power)
✔ ABS system

Our prices (only for online bookings):
2 days rental – 37,5€ per day
3 or more rental days – 30€ per day

High Season Prices – 20th of July to 25th of August (Only for online bookings):
2 days rental – 56.25€ per day
3 or more rental days – 45€ per day

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