• Honda CB500X

  • Manual Transmission
  • 2 people capacity
  • Driver’s Licence: A2 and A
  • Petrol98
  • Top Case
  • Minimum Rental Period: 2 days
From € 25.00 in low season for +7 days

The CB500X is designed to give you a great view of the road and plenty of room to shift your weight for control and maneuverability. Utilizing a classic upright riding position with a wide handlebar, taller seat and a tighter knees-in fuel tank design, you can maximize your feeling of oneness with the bike and the road.

Featured Specifications

✔ 471 CC (Engine Displacement)
✔ 48 HP (Horses Power)
✔ 6- Speed (Transmission)
✔ ABS system

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